Friday, July 24, 2009

I think I may have just been jinxed!

I just got home from my 38 week midwife appointment. It went well, but my midwife said she thinks I'm going to go within the next five days. (holy crap) She also said she thinks it's going to go pretty fast. (reeeeeally?) We didn't do an internal or anything, this is just what she thinks from our conversations and all my many contractions...I had three walking from the parking lot to the office!

I can't say I would hate for it to happen sooner rather than later, but I would hate to start twiddling my thumbs for nothing to come out of it. And watch me have the longest labor ever! I'm just trying to stay realistic here people.

We also discussed the rather taboo, but very real subject of post-partum depression. Sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable, but it's really a possibility for me. I've been feeling so anxious, irritable and out of my mind lately, that I'm a bit worried. I had some baby blues with Joaquin, but nothing that sent me to medication. I'm a little worried that this time around I won't get so lucky.

I'm not opposed to medication, especially if it will keep me and my babies safe and happy, but I'm not crazy about the idea either. So, for all of you that love me out there...keep an eye on me in those following weeks. Please, if you think I might need help, don't be afraid to tell me so; you may see signs that I may be sweeping under the rug.

So, now we just wait and see. This baby just might make an early arrival...or not...


Elaine said...

So excited for you and your girl!

As for PPD, I've had my own run of it. For me, I was just really pissed off, not at all sad. I'd even be inside my head wondering what the hell I was doing, while yelling at my kid or husband. So yeah, we'll keep an eye on you. But also try to listen to your self talk.

Fingers crossed for soon, quick and joyful!

lola coca-cola said...

I've got your back, darling! Do you need anything to make it ok for her to come soon? I wish I had felt your belly more today if it might be the last time.