Monday, July 6, 2009

Look what I did!!!

OK, yesterday was rough. I was super overwhelmed and my body was aching and tired from carrying Joaquin way farther than I should have after 4th of July fireworks. But I managed to get through a lot more than I thought!

Today, Dan took Joaquin to his parents and my mom is going to take him again tomorrow. I am finally getting stuff done and actually crossed off!

Any new updates are in purple today and of course things are added to THE List. But at least I'm feeling better about getting some stuff done.

THE List.
* pull out all newborn diapers I found some fitteds & covers, still need to get out all the prefolds.
* wash & dry them
* pull out & divide all hand-me-downs Most of them are out and divided, just one more bag to go through.
* wash them Washed what I found so far! I have one more basket to get in the wash!
* soak all stained stuff
* wash all new stuff
* clean out the kid's room This is a frightening task. I DID IT! I DID IT!!
* get rid of old toys
* pull out baby toys I actually already have them in baskets tucked away in the kid's room...somewhere.
* organize diaper/dresser area This is a HUGE one and scares me the most. DONE!!
* put away all of the clothes and diapers About half are put away. As soon as we're done with all this laundry, this will be DONE!
* pull out the swing
* clean it
* pull out changing pad & cover
* find the brest friend & clean it
* listen to hypnobabies every night I really really need to do this! Why am I fighting it so?
* start packing hospital bag What do I need even need to take ?
* find a "going home" outfit I ordered a super cute & comfy outfit, will cross this one off as soon as I get it!
* get car super duper deep cleaned I just found a place that I need to call to get a quote! Got a quote, now I just need a spare couple of hours to sit and wait while they do their thing.
* clean carseat
* install carseat
* find hospital night gown/robe/clothes I have a feeling this one will be scraped soon...a bit overkill possibly?
* get "recovery" supplies I found some overnight pads from Joaquin's birth, what else do I need?
* get a "gift from baby" for Joaquin I'm going to order a remote control fire truck that I've been eyeballing at Geppetto's, it's a bit cheaper on amazon.
* name the baby We actually have a couple of names on the table!
* wash all my old baby carriers
* make red gauze wrap I need to find some darn red gauze, Jo-ann's didn't have enough and now I don't have a current 40% off coupon. Have one I can take off your hands? If not, I might just end up ordering it online.
* make ring sling I can't find the perfect fabric for this, it has to be super duper cute and I'm incredibly indecisive.
* prepare meals for freezer Ordered a cookbook on amazon for frozen meal ideas...Dream Dinners style yo.
* go through shed and find any other baby odds and ends that need to be pulled out
* get some boxes to put away things pulled from room
* get a hat rack for all of Joaquin's hats


Eliska Bobeeska said...

AWESOME!!! Now you deserve a nap! I'm really proud of you and can tell that you are feeling better already! Does this mean you are nesting??? xox

Shandell said...

good for you! I think my "nesting" instincts have been replaced by impatience to meet my LO :)

Lisa said...

Lookin good, you'll be done before you know it!

Ashley said...

JoAnn's should have the coupons in the store---at the front, in their flier.