Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hormones much?

I'm on the verge of a total meltdown at a seconds notice. I'm thinking it could possibly have something to do with hormones, but I could be wrong. I've pinned it down to three things that have and will completely drive me off a cliff lately (not in any specific order)...

#1...The stupid red gauze wrap of my imagination. I had this daydream of walking around the rest of this summer with my baby girl wrapped up in a bright red dreamy gauze wrap. Nothing too special or expensive, but a beautiful light and airy bright red wrap, with the sweet sweet baby all cuddled in.

It's summer, so I figured buying red gauze fabric wouldn't be too much of a hassle, I'd' find a 40% off coupon for Joanne's and I'd hem it if needed...cheap and easy, right? Oh no no no! Totally wrong. By the time I finally got my hands on a coupon, turns out they stopped selling red gauze, because that's a summer time fabric. And well, duh. It's freaking July, so of course summer stuff is already out and in with the fall crap. Duh! So I used my coupon of fabric for my sling. Fine.

Then I got the amazing idea to just buy white gauze and I could dye it the beautiful bright red of my dreams myself. No biggie! Yay! Well, as it turns out, by the time I got my hands on another freaking coupon, they're out of white gauze now. Yeah, and all three freaking locations I went to said they didn't know when they were going to get more.

Seriously. I almost cried in the middle of Joanne's this afternoon. Cried and screamed. I imagined throwing the bolt of one yard of white gauze at the head of the poor clerk as he looked on with sad puppy dog eyes. It took every single ounce of self control to not have a complete and total melt down. Seriously.

So. I've decided I'm done with this silly wrap day dream. I have a black *bleh* moby that I'm sure will be nice and warm this lovely summer. I'll just have to deal. I'm not going to spend a crapton of money to buy fabric online especially since the gauze will really only be the most comfy when baby is little. I'm over it. Kind of. At the moment.

#2...Dog Hair. OH MY FREAKING GAWD. Really? Must we live is such filth? Must I find a big black thick dog hair EVERYwhere? Really? It's seriously destroying my relationship with Bella. I have no love for her right now. The sight of her reminds me of all the bajillion hairs on her body that I will eventually have to sweep or vacuum up. There are two solutions I have for this, but both cost dinero and well, we don't have a lot of that lately.

A friend told me about her Roomba and how it saved her relationship with her dog. The problem? The thing is expensive! I'm considering setting up a piggy bank to save every nickel and dime I can get my hands on to towards this thing though. Pulling out the vacuum on a daily basis to have a semi-dog hair free home though is just not my idea of living.

Another thing we could, and honestly, should do at this point is take Bella in for once a month grooming. We're obviously not keeping up with it like we should and I just don't have the time nor the energy to brush and bath an 80 pound dog on a regular basis. But again, that's another monthly bill that I'm not sure we're up for at this point in time.

Last summer I almost lost my mind, but was OK with the daily vacuuming. When I had Joaquin, it was just past Bella's worse shedding season, so I dealt OK, but was on a constant hormonal verge. This time, combining my pre and post partum hormones along with the gnarly shedding season? I'm not sure how I'm going to cope, I really don't have any idea how I'm going to deal. Really.

#3...Being ignored. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant and most of my very close family members think anything coming out of my mouth is the equivalent to hormone induced white noise? Or maybe it's my imagination? Or maybe I'm spot on. But if one more person ignores me, I am seriously going to throw something. Again. Hard.

A fabulous mom friend taught me a lovely strategy for dealing with it with Joaquin. She did it with her son at playgroup yesterday and so far I've used it like 50 times with Joaquin and it works like a charm. Basically I ask Joaquin a question, like "Do you have to go potty?" And he'll just keep doing what he's doing, pretending that I don't exist. Then I say "If you hear mama, touch your nose." He giggles and touches his nose. Then I say "If you hear mama tell her if you have to go potty." Then he tells me that yeah, he does and we go on with our merry little world.

It works for him just great so far! But I really don't see it going over to well with the adults in my life. What to do? I have no idea. But I've noticed that throwing things have so far become quite the attention getter.

All of this due to hormones? I have no idea. But I do know that I'm trying very very very hard to stay as calm and centered as I can. It's not easy. It really isn't.


Shandell said...

I'm sorry to hear about all your frustrations. I could relate at that stage in my pregnancy. I think a lot of it was hormones for me.
Your description of the guaze wrap made me really want one! haha. I think I'll be getting some jersey knit soon to make myself a moby wrap.
Hang in there, your beautiful little girl will be here so soon and all of that other stuff won't even matter!
I can't wait to see what she looks like :)

Heather said...

Hang in there!! You could try that strategy with adults. I think it might work. They would at least look at you funny, which is the equivalent of touching their nose. As for the dog, we also have a black lab. We shave him every summer and it helps with the amount of fur! There is still fur, but not nearly as much! We also keep him outside a lot more.