Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Her first outfit!

We got the "going home" outfit in the mail today. It's perfect.

I wanted something natural and comfortable looking. Something that she wouldn't be hot in with the warm weather, but still comfortably covered up. Something I could get in preemie size so it would actually fit her, so I can put it away and always remember it as her first outfit and for it to represent just how tiny she was!

I didn't want a dress. I didn't want something pink. I didn't want something frilly.

This is what I found...

The going home outfit

The going home outfit

Isn't it adorable?

So, after my third day working on the list yesterday, this is where I stand. I'm actually OK with the fact that I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow now. I feel like I have a good few weeks to take my time with the rest and I have the hard stuff all done.

I feel like I can breathe!

THE List.
* pull out all newborn diapers I found some fitteds & covers, still need to get out all the prefolds.
* wash & dry them
* pull out & divide all hand-me-downs Most of them are out and divided, just one more bag to go through.
* wash them Washed what I found so far! I have one more basket to get in the wash!
* soak all stained stuff
* wash all new stuff
* clean out the kid's room This is a frightening task. I DID IT! I DID IT!!
* get rid of old toys
* pull out baby toys I actually already have them in baskets tucked away in the kid's room...somewhere.
* organize diaper/dresser area This is a HUGE one and scares me the most. DONE!!
* put away all of the clothes and diapers About half are put away. As soon as we're done with all this laundry, this will be DONE!
* pull out the swing
* clean it
* pull out changing pad & cover
* find the brest friend & clean it
* listen to hypnobabies every night I really really need to do this! Why am I fighting it so?
* start packing hospital bag What do I need even need to take ?
* find a "going home" outfit I ordered a super cute & comfy outfit, will cross this one off as soon as I get it!
* get car super duper deep cleaned I just found a place that I need to call to get a quote! Got a quote, now I just need a spare couple of hours to sit and wait while they do their thing.
* clean carseat
* install carseat
* find hospital night gown/robe/clothes I have a feeling this one will be scraped soon...a bit overkill possibly?
* get "recovery" supplies I found some overnight pads from Joaquin's birth, what else do I need?
* get a "gift from baby" for Joaquin I'm going to order a remote control fire truck that I've been eyeballing at Geppetto's, it's a bit cheaper on amazon.
* name the baby We actually have a couple of names on the table!
* wash all my old baby carriers
* make red gauze wrap I need to find some darn red gauze, Jo-ann's didn't have enough and now I don't have a current 40% off coupon. Have one I can take off your hands? If not, I might just end up ordering it online.
* make ring sling I can't find the perfect fabric for this, it has to be super duper cute and I'm incredibly indecisive.
* prepare meals for freezer Ordered a cookbook on amazon for frozen meal ideas...Dream Dinners style yo.
* go through shed and find any other baby odds and ends that need to be pulled out
* get some boxes to put away things pulled from room
* get a hat rack for all of Joaquin's hats


Barb said...

That outfit is precious! :)

Shandell said...

love that outfit! so so cute, good find!

Kimberly said...

I've got a Jo-Ann's coupon if you want it. I'll be down at my mom's Friday and we can meet up, if that works for you.

Lisa said...

I LOVE the outfit, so precious. Where did you find it?

Looks like your doing a great job with your list too!

We should meet up at go to baby-style and look for nursing jammies. I got a really nice nightgown from there when I was preg with Ella. I love it but would like something new.

Eliska Bobeeska said...

That outfit is beautiful! I can't wait to see your precious lil girl in it!!! You know I went crazy on a little first outfit for Adelaide...and she was too freakin big to wear it! I was so upset and didn't have a back-up so she ended up with some lame onsie from a 3 pack as her first outfit. Oh the things that we remember. It made me so bummed! Now I have a precious little outfit for....her dolly?