Friday, July 31, 2009

Update to my LACK of progress!

I saw my midwife today and showed her that her silly prediction of 5 days from last Friday was obviously wrong. While logically I knew that it was a silly prediction, I couldn't help but get my hopes and nerves up. I really wish I hadn't.

So today I had her do an internal and even strip my membranes. Yes, I was feeling that impatient! If you don't know what it is I'm talking about, you might want to keep it that way. I found out that after all these contractions coming 10 minutes apart for days now, I am only 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced with her head at the -3 station. Yep, that's it. Immediately following the appointment I was so disappointed I just wanted to cry...but I didn't.

Then I came home, rested a bit with Joaquin and realized that I wasn't pissy. I wasn't counting contractions and minutes, nope, I was finally relaxed again.

The prediction of 5 days just stressed me out and had me thinking "any moment now" all the freaking time. Now, I'm back to "it'll happen when it happens". Things are ready, I'll try and keep things ready, but I'm not going to let it get to me again.

The due date is August 6th. She may come before, she may come after. Who the heck knows!

Until then, I'm going to keep doing as much as I can with Joaquin and try and enjoy my days again, I feel like so much of this week was wasted to nerves!

So, I guess this internal did do me some brought me back to reality and back to a little bit of sanity. Time to enjoy these final moments.


Lisa said...

I was wondering if you said anything to her. Glad you can relax and enjoy your time now. She told me today that I probably wont make it to 40 weeks. I'm not liking the odds of her prediction! Did she just totally jinks me?

Eliska Bobeeska said...

I bet you $5 that now that you are relaxed might happen! Not to jinx you again, but that seems to be how it usually works. Sometimes I miss being pregnant so really try to enjoy this time. Take pictures of yourself, so you can look back once you are holding her in your arms and know who that was that is in there! I really hated that feeling of knowing it could happen at any time...but no idea if "today is the day"??? I am really excited for you though - I can't wait to see her! xoxo I'll be thinking of you!