Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Room.

My mom took Joaquin for the day and I'm attempting the two biggest tasks on THE List. Cleaning out the kid's room and organizing the dresser area.

I am so overwhelmed. I want to cry. There is just too much stuff in here. I don't know where it all came from. I am seriously just starting to throw things out.

I've cleaned out this room and re-organized it a number of times. I think I've even posted about it on here before. But this time I just let it go too long and it's straight up ridiculous.

The good news is I think I'm almost over that initial hump of horridness and can soon start putting things back together. I hope.

Thank you to all who offered your help on THE List both on here and on facebook. I just wish there was someone that lived in this house that would offer some help... *sigh*

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Elaine said...

Ever since I was wee, I would get overwhelmed at that kind of thing. My mom used to tell me to just go pick up everything off the floor that was yellow, then blue, etc, until it was something I could cope with without crying.

SO, maybe making a breakdown of what needs to be done and then only taking on part of it, would help? I don't know, I just do know that I have been where you are and it feels too freaking big.

And accept the offers of help. A friend can clean out a room without passion. We have no emotional attachment and can, if nothing else, help you break it down into smaller tasks.

When should I be over?